The Real Sociedad team players are used to sporting the official “Xuri Urdi” team kit every week, both on and off the pitch. For the last few seasons, SILBON has been their official team sponsor, designing them an exclusive set of garments, specifically chosen to provide maximum comfort and style on every trip.

But how do our idols dress out of the spotlight?

Take a look! Miguel Ángel Moyá, Mikel Oyarzabal and Mikel Merino visited our store in the capital of San Sebastian. Enjoy looking through their photo session, full of laughs and lots of fashion.


The players styled themselves for the occasion, spending an afternoon with us. Models for the day, they worked just as hard posing for the cameras as they do on the playing field, letting their different styles and personalities shine through their clothing options.

Then, a walk through San Sebastian and intelligent chats over coffee. The afternoon served for a bit of disconnecting and relaxing.

street samse 1
street sanse4

Miguel Angel Moya opted for a dandy style ensemble.

His taste for fashion helped him put together a look with an interesting mix of textures. Gentlemanly elements, like his double-breasted coat and knitted tie, that he combined with more casual pieces like a cardigan and a pair of Chelsea boots.

Mikel Oyarzabal was the epitome of the motto “discretion is the better part of valour”.

A grey-toned outfit was Donostiarra’s look of choice, who elected for a stone-coloured tailored parka, to show his maturity and preference for functionality.

street sanse5
street sanse2

Mikel Merino, for his part, opted for one of the most fool-proof combinations of the male wardrobe;

He chose navy blue as his star colour, with accents in black. A sure bet, and a nod to Silbon’s most formal collection.

stret sanse

A trio of sports figures who continually inspire us with their career paths and strong characters. Three icons of talent and perseverance.

Pure contemporary elegance.