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The 20th century has offered fashion a source of inspiration and a vast range of elements that are already historical icons. From the birth of the three-piece suit in the early 1900s, hoping on the sportswear catwalk; going through the influences that the social context, culture and, of course, music have had on the way men and women dress.
The 90s is one of those decades that determine this autumn’s collection. Vintage patterns, wool and the biker spirit are some of the ingredients present in SILBON’s proposal for colder months. New looks wear warm textures, and soft earthy tones, breathing a younger style into your wardrobe looking back at college and pop.
A wink of nostalgia has invaded the streets and influencers become a beacon for those seeking to combine trend and elegance in their daily lives.
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Today we accompany Manuel Ordovás, Juan Yanes, Carlos Galluzo and José Mª Lacort on a walk through the city to share laughs, anecdotes and style tips.

Manuel Ordovás

As a vintage-lover, Manu has committed to a selection of SILBON garments with a lot of character and the right touch of retro. The company’s casual collection has rescued and rejuvenated coats, knitwear and footwear, among others, for that special preppy feel.
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Juan Yanes

Juan knows how to mix formality and trendiness in just the right dose. He’s gone for a comfortable yet complete look, whose main feature is a jumper with a Fair Isle pattern, the latest thing at the moment. The result is definitely off-road, at any time of the day.
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Carlos Galluzo

For his part, Carlos, is the eternal dandy. He prefers a British cut with a bit of a scallywag’s wink. Updated patterns, new silhouettes and matching layers in harmonious colour. Autumnal tones, with a soft touch feel great.
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José Mª Lacort

José Mª puts himself out there. He’s sporting a combination of formal and sportswear as homage to the best of Ivy League, old school aesthetics. An absolutely preppy proposal, which is our own essence, a look that remains in vogue, year after year.
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Winter offers us a multitude of options to play with and score. Which one’s your favorite? Share your comments below.