Summer at last! We were really looking forward to the new season. Swimsuits, shorts, t-shirts, linen, espadrilles and good mood to enjoy the light of June.

But best of all, whatever the time of year, is to take a look at Instagram and discover your best SILBON looks. Because, again this month, we are ready for a new edition of the Silbon is You Awards.

Eight classifieds, great photos and an exceptional jury: you. Remember that, with your votes, in our Stories channel of Instagram, you will decide the best of all.

The winner will receive a non-competitive prize, a gift card worth €500, to be spent in our physical stores* or at What about the rest? Everyone, EVERY-ONE has a prize. So, if you’re not among those selected, apply for your gift here.

Let’s meet this month’s lucky ones:

The first duel confronts @davito_gc and @ususlui:


@davito gc



They present us the most elegant proposal of the month, with garments from our tailoring collection. Hard choice, but what’s your favorite? Vote for him now.

In the next duel we find @a_atanet and @maservan27:


@a atanet



With photos full of summer energy, boast of style with SILBON t-shirts. White or navy blue? Maxi logo or nautical inspiration? Which one do you prefer?

In the third duel we have @f_abad87 and @mesaquilez:


@f abad87



Walking through the city or enjoying a day in nature, lovers of #EstiloSilbon feel comfortable with the collection of sport racket shirts. Now, it’s time to vote for your winner.

The last of the duels is played by @joqm_ and @miguelv_d:




@miguelv d

They are on the sport side of SILBON with our classic sweatshirts and very personal styles. The duel is served, who will rise victorious?

Through the eliminatory rounds, your votes will choose the best photo of the month of June. And you, do you want to win a gift card worth 500€? Upload to Instagram your best SILBON look, tag us, next to the hashtag #SilbonIsYou. Remember, all participants have a prize!


*Excepto Grandes Almacenes