The autumn of celebrities

We love October. Update your wardrobe, dust off your coats, discover new trends and, of course, brand new fashion!

We’re not the only ones. From what we’ve seen this month on Instagram, using the #SilbonIsYou hashtag, you guys are also in love with the new season; the suits and the blazers, knitwear, shirts and sweatshirts. And showing them off of course!

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Strut your stuff; at special events or throughout your daily struggle.

This month, you’ve snuck into our Top 10 like real celebrities, rubbing shoulders with some of our favourite actors, athletes and influencers.

We’ve seen the always fabulous Jesus Olmedo dressed in SILBON. And we’ve caught Marta Pombo and Juan Yanes, trusting, once again, in our Tailoring line, with a one-of-a-kind coat from our Made to Measure service.

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We’ve found perfectly executed looks, like that of @srdoor; and we love preppy touches, as seen on @jruiz9_. Alongside them, athletes Javi Garrido and Stephane Houdet flaunt their #EstiloSilbon off the national and international playing fields.

Thank you for yet another month of loyalty. Remember that each month we will choose our favourite looks to form our top 10 of style. To participate, upload your look to Instagram with the hashtag #SilbonIsYou.

Hope to see you soon!

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