I feel like celebrating!

Once the holidays have been long forgotten, September becomes a month full of special moments. You only have to look at Instagram, following the trail of our (and much more your) hashtag #SilbonIsYou, to realise that this month is no longer an uphill battle.

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Seeing you dressed in your best finery has given us a multitude of reasons to smile. Morning jackets become more and more frequent as you dare to wear suits that stand out for their innovative designs. With or without a tie, great waistcoat pairings, colourful handkerchiefs and other classic touches.

So dandy, so much style and lots and lots of SILBON.

We have accompanied you to ceremonies of all kinds. There has been no lack of elegant outfits with modern touches. Elegant guys, dressed to kill. Formal events and family reunions. In the most special, one-of-a-kind moments, we went hand in hand with impeccably-dressed best men, and we were right there at the altar, alongside the trembling Silbon groom.  Thank you for choosing us!

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This is just a sample, our top 10 of September. Would you like to star next? Upload your looks to Instagram, with the hashtag #SilbonIsYou. Each month we choose the 10 best looks. Join in!

We hope to see you soon.

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