After a summer full of relaxing days on the beach or fun times travelling, we arrive into September with our batteries fully charged. This isn’t just a normal month for us, but one with many exciting prospects and new styles.

Returning from holiday can be quite fun and it’s no surprise that, as always, we’re back with the new edition of the Silbon is You Awards. The only competition where everyone receives a prize and the winner is chosen by you.

To be honest, we’re impressed.

Your social media feeds are a real lookbook, and the quality only gets better! Sophisticated looks and great styling details, making our clothes look perfect in each and every post.

You guys are, without a doubt, the best brand ambassadors that Silbon could wish for.

So, without further delay, let’s have a look at our 8 competitors. Who will take home the €500 gift card to spend in store* or online at Discover the best looks of the month and vote for your favourite.

The first face-off is between @pol_urquizu vs. @sergio.pc93.


1Pol Urquizu


6 sergio.pc

Two relaxed, comfortable outfits, with that casual touch we like so much. Do you prefer the navy Silbon sweatshirt over the shirt, or the sporty shirt with the beige Silbon cap? Preppy or sporty?

For our next duel we have @juanvi_agudo vs. @del_81.


3 @juanvi agudo


8@del 81

We love these sunset beach looks, and it looks like you do too. We love your outfits! What do you think? Do you prefer the sweatshirt or the cap and shirt for the beach?

The third battle is between @lordnelsoncea vs. @pattricksimo.


4 @lordnelsoncea


2 @pattricksimo

Here the beach continues to be the best backdrop for your posts and, of course, for your Silbon looks. You guys always look great, whether in a t-shirt and swimming shorts, or a linen shirt. Which look do you prefer?

Finally, the last showdown is between @raje131290 vs. @alejandro791989.


5 @raje131290



Our Cycling collection is loved by many athletes, and it really excels in these posts. Do you prefer the black cycling jersey or the white one?

Let the battle commence and may the best man win!

Through a process of elimination, your votes will choose the best photo for the month of September. What about you? Would you like to win a €500 gift card? Upload your best SILBON look to Instagram and tag us, along with the hashtag #SilbonIsYou. Remember, everyone receives a prize!


*Excepto Grandes Almacenes