It’s present in men’s wardrobes all over the world, but few people know about its real origin, centuries ago, in the courts of kings or in remote corners of the planet.

Checked shirts have lived amongst us for centuries and have had many different uses and meanings. For the Scots they were a sign of identity; each family or clan wore their own design and colour, and each colour was associated with a message.

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Distinctly masculine winter attire, the checked shirt is comfortable and colourful, which makes it one of our essential styles worn by men (and women) from all over the world.

It’s a weekend basic and one of the items that best goes with those leisurely, relaxed days. Ideal for outfits to wear in your free time, especially outdoors.

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Our new collection has a wide variety of checked styles, from traditional tartan in classic colours of red, blue and white, to modern, young designs, finished with details like wood-effect buttons.

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As for fabric, flannel, denim and cotton are the stand-out choices, ensuring that we can wear our favourite shirt whatever the weather.

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Knitwear is the greatest ally for this type of shirt. We suggest pairing your checked shirt with a cable knit jumper; they’ll look great together! A cardigan is also a good companion for a checked shirt.

Checked shirts arrive along with the first Sundays around the fire, to mark the beginning of a fabulous season.

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We hope we’ve inspired your lumberjack looks. What’s your favourite checked shirt print? How do you wear them? We look forward to seeing your ideas!

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We hope to see you soon. Until next time!