“Father and son are born communicators, though they approach information from different perspectives.”

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Every day at noon, the iconic tv anchor David Cantero arrives into every Spanish household through the tv set, where he reads the news on Telecinco news. Meanwhile, his son, Álvaro Berro, broadcasts the daily goings on through major tv magazines, with his finger constantly on the pulse of the street. The two men add character to everything they do with the indisputable authenticity that sets them apart from the rest. It is both their dream to create a tv programme together to give free rein to their curiosities and to highlight the special complicity that unites them; always whilst respecting the love of journalism that both share.

As a child, more than just playing with a football, Álvaro Berro played with a recording camera and a microphone built by his own father, journalist David Cantero. Becoming a UN reporter and doing interviews on the street was the little Alvaro’s passion; he often imitated his father and even crawled under his table while he presented the Telecinco news.

The journalistic calling was born in David Cantero during a school visit to the Prado del Rey studios, at one of the RTVE headquarters in Madrid. From that moment on, it was clear to the presenter from Avila that this was where he wanted to be and that this was the world he wanted to belong to. After his academic training, David Cantero made his dream of being a reporter a reality, and a decade and a half later, he became one of the most recognised faces of the news in our country.


His son Álvaro was born in Seville as a result of his relationship with a Sevillian woman, also a communications producer, from whom the young journalist takes his professional surname, Berro. With parents like these, Alvaro Berro was always bound to study journalism and be dedicated to this profession, and as he has said “it just could not have been any other way.”

Diseño sin título
Diseño sin título 1

Perseverance is a quality that they both share, and Cantero has always taught his son that nothing is impossible and that with a little effort anything can be achieved.


One of the most unforgettable moments for the father and son duo took place when Álvaro had to interview his father for the promotion of the veteran journalist’s novel, “El Destino Era Esto” (This Was Fate), which was just released. This anecdotal meeting took place at the Non Stop People network studios where the father and son, interviewee and interviewer, met in front of the cameras for the first time.

David Cantero says that it was the “rarest interview of his life”, and Álvaro Berro that it was “the most difficult and nerve-wracking”.

Near the end of the conversation, the young Berro slipped and addressed the protagonist as “dad”, revealing for just a moment the kinship that unites the two journalists.

Off set, there is a special energy that flows between father and son. This is something they would like to take advantage of by taking on projects together, such as presenting a programme in which they would present themselves just as they are, bringing the magic and complicity that unites them to the small screen. An idea that, according to Cantero, has even entered his dreams and that he does not rule out making a reality.

From a professional point of view, David Cantero would love to break the news of a definitive cure for cancer. For his part, Alvaro Berro would like to live to open a news bulletin with the news of man’s arrival to Mars. His father, laughing, says that he won’t live to see this milestone. Both men have a great sense of humour, and are full of cheerful, good vibes and an optimism that is contagious.

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Currently, their worlds are different; David Cantero broadcasts from the set of the harsh present, through Informatives Tele5 and Alvaro Berro is on the streets, looking towards summer on the network’s morning show.  Two different profiles, two different ways of communicating, both united by a common vocation and marked by the same DNA.