Since its inception, Silbon has planned its designs based on a unique source of inspiration, the Silbon Man. A man who is defined by his lifestyle and, specifically, by his attitude.
Throughout our career, we have had the opportunity to discover and clothe all types of different and unique men, all who have one significant point in common: they all treasure inspirational stories.
Beyond the garments in his wardrobe, what really characterises our man’s style is his taste for quality. His predilection for design. He always opts for constructive, dedicated styling, with no pretension of being anything other than himself.
Thanks to their travels, experiences and ability to create or evolve, the Silbon men in our lives have been evident in each of the brand’s collections, and today they shape Mr. Preppy.
The modern gentleman, a little posh but full of personality, who, armed with a winning smile, shows off his versatility with an entire collection designed around him.

A tribute to this style that is truly ‘us’; loved by some, reviled by others, but impossible to ignore; a style that is making its mark on our country’s fashion and starting to open the borders to others.

The Silbon Sportswear line of AW18/19 includes t-shirts, sweatshirts, scarfs and even underwear, in which we see all the different sides of Mr. Preppy.

Even the smallest members of the house will be able to show off the dashing Silbon Style with their favourite t-shirts.

The Preppy Collection will gradually arrive to all our points of sale but, for now, we can enjoy some of the styles in physical stores and on