You’ve noticed, right? Christmas is upon us! The year has flown by and now we’re ready and excited, buying gifts, rewriting our to-do lists, balancing a thousand schedules to meet up with family, colleagues and all our friends.

Alongside all these preparations, the same question always persists: What do I wear to all these parties?

It’s a universal problem. Christmas parties make room for our best looks to shine and, far from what you might think, we have many different options, according to the type of event.

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If you invite us to a night-time party, it will be time to get the tuxedo out of the wardrobe.

The look that never fails. It’s worth paying attention to the details, always respecting the classical rules. Satin lapels, a pintuck shirt with hidden buttons, a sash and a bow tie. A double-breasted blazer could be a good option if we want to give our outfit a dandier twist.

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If the event calls for a suit, dark shades are unbeatable.

Looking for something special? Day or night, a light windowpane check will help us discreetly stand out, which is, after all, the best way to stand out. Pair it with a white shirt and a dark tie. These days, understated elegance is key.

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For more relaxed occasions like informal dinners with friends or family, you could swap out the shirt for a turtleneck jumper

Pair it with trousers and a blazer in two different shades. A mix of greys, blues and blacks always hits the mark. It’s a more informal way of wearing the three colours, but just as successful.

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The secret is knowing when to wear each look. Make sure you get it just right by consulting the host or the other guests. Dressing according to the established dress code is a sign of education and respect.

Once you’ve chosen your outfit, it’s time to have fun! Merry Christmas!