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Fashion can be a hobby, a social imposition or a lifestyle. Everything depends on your approach, the particular case, the person and their circumstances.

José María Lacort, Creative Director of SILBON, can be understood through the latter: our protagonist is one of the lucky few who have managed to turn their favourite pastime into their livelihood.
The stylist sketches each signature collection between designs, models and photo sessions. He admits that he lives life with passion and, indeed, fashion is a very serious matter for José María.
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That is why he pays attention to every detail and always promotes quality. Today we joined Lacort at a fashion event in Barcelona. The city of Barcelona is a great setting to show off your favourite outfits.
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For the occasion, our guest chose pieces from the Made to Measure collection by Silbon.
The brand’s line of industrial tailoring includes suits, jackets and highly personalised tuxedos, as well as offering the opportunity to create entirely independent pieces, such as José María’s navy blue fine wool suit jacket, which has a 10cm long lapel at the tip. He combines it with white strapped trousers, also made with cloth from the emblematic Marzotto house. Both fabrics can be found in the house’s Spring – Summer 2019 catalogue.
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The choice of shirt – a button-down model – underscores the casual tone of the outfit, perfect for an informal evening engagement. Here, José María is the archetype of preppy style, with a flash of summer: preppy made to measure.
To top it all off, he wears a navy blue necktie from the new collection, with a geometric print – triangles, in this case, and finally some penny loafer shoes which are ideal for this time of year.
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An elegant choice for sure and perfectly adjusted to summer and with all the versatility that the Made to Measure service offers us. Find out more about what they can offer you here.