Day II y III.

The world of fashion evolves at an astonishing speed. Being a part of it in any of its forms, either as an amateur or professional, forces us to constantly keep training, listening and seizing opportunities.

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Always on the lookout for new inspiration, current trends, advances in the fields of production and technology, materials and ideas, many many ideas.

The future of fashion converges in Florence during the days of Pitti Uomo, the International Men’s Fashion Fair; represented by suppliers, brands, magazine editors and cool hunters; as well as the latest in men’s fashion, in the form of street style.

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“El Pitti” is an unmissable event for anyone wishing to be seen or heard in the retail world, and the SILBON team did not miss their appointment!

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There we saw all different styles of casual wear, where IVY League-inspired looks, so prevalent in our SILBON AW18 Collection, fit perfectly alongside vintage styles.

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On the second day of the event, the brand’s Production Manager Miguel G. Yeste, wore an outfit in which he paired entirely classic garments and fabrics, like a navy blue coat with a pair of light corduroy trousers, with innovative details, such as his multicoloured check print waistcoat and caramel-coloured sunglasses.

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On the other hand, our Creative Director, José Mª Lacort, opted for a more preppy, university-inspired aesthetic from the latest SILBON collection, wearing a multicoloured jumper, Oxford shirt and a trendy wool tie.

Pablo López, the brand’s CEO, went for a look which relied on layering and mixing textures, perfect for combatting the Florentine cold. Dandy style with nostalgic touches, making it clear that being a gentleman is in his blood.

For their last appointment at Pitti, the Silbon team all chose the Prince of Wales check as the basis of their style, with each man wearing it in his own way. This immortal must-have for any gentleman’s wardrobe was the key element of all three looks.

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For Miguel, it was a three-piece suit, paired with different textures and an interesting set of colours.

The result of which was both casual and fresh.

Pablo preferred to “wrap” himself up in Wales by choosing a double-breasted coat as his nod to the trend.

Simple, comfortable and effective.

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Last but not least, Jose Mª opted for a more serious, discreet look.

A dark grey suit with blue lines, not forgetting to turn up his collar, a touch with succeeded in making his attire a little less formal.