Silbon’s commitment to continue with our work on awareness and social aid, this time with our spotlight on a new common cause. A group of volunteers from the Alzahir and El Encinar schools will soon travel to the area of Picota and Shamboyacú, in northern Peru, to carry out support work in the Araceli School-Home with a group of girls who have been victims of abuse. They will also take part in humanitarian work, support classes, awareness campaigns, medical aid, and contribute to agricultural work in both areas andin the nearby villages marked by the lack of material resources.


Silbon, in our own small way, wants to help make it easier for these volunteers to perform this commendable task. For this reason, we have designed exclusive bracelets to support the project. These will be on sale in the aforementioned schools. With the funds raised, we hope to help cover the expenses for this admirable group of girls who, during the month of July, will undertake a beautiful adventure, leaving behind all their daily comforts in order to help out doing all different types of work in one of the poorest areas of the Amazon.


The objetive

This project will be carried out specifically in the area of Picota and Shamboyacú, in North Peru. The volunteers will help provide education, accompaniment and support to a group of girls who have been victims of abuse, through tools such as support classes, awareness campaigns, medical campaigns, contribution to agricultural work, and so on, with the children of the Virgen de Araceli Home-School.


The location

The project will be carried out in Picota and Shamboyacú, in northern Peru. It is a jungle zone belonging to the Alto Amazonas. It is a rural economic zone with large pockets of poverty. Additionally, there are often social problems in the region, such as the violation of minors, and health care barely exists; the nearest hospital is in Tarapoto which is 3-4 hours away.

The level of education is low, and truancy often occurs because many children need to find work in a cafe or on a farm.


The development

The project will last from 9-30 July and will be carried out as follows:

They will stay in Shamboyacú, where the group will get together with the abuse victims in the aforementioned School-Home and visit schools, soup kitchens and medical campaigns in the surrounding villages.

From all of us here at Silbon, we wish this amazing group of girls all the strength and luck in the world for this project.