Time does not pass in vain. Throughout the 8 years of our life as a brand, our clothes racks have been established, reinvented and strengthened. There is no escaping it; we all grow older. We have matured and, along with finding grey hairs, we grow more comfortable in our own skin every day.
This is also reflected in the new look of our stores, where you can already enjoy the new installations. Grey is our signature colour, with stand-out details of minimalistic metal and wood furniture.
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The first establishment to show off our new image was Seville, one of the brand’s first ever stores. Located at no. 5 on the centrally located Calle Muñoz Olivé, you will find new dimensional shelves and displays, designed to make the visit more attractive for the way in which they display each autumn/winter style, highlighting every collection in a unique way.

The result exudes #EstiloSilbon,

why not celebrate it?

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On the 10th of October in the SILBON boutique in Seville, we brought together a big group of over 120 friends. Among them were big names from the company and the culture, as well as well-known Sevillian socialites. We made sure to offer delicious food with the help of the culinary geniuses at Catering Delicious – truly exquisite! To go with it, we had a variety of local artisanal Desiderata beers. You couldn’t wish for more!

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Like any real party, this one lasted well into the night. Son de Cuba & Cía performed; they were in charge of making sure we had fun dancing boleros, rumbas and salsa. What a treat! The delicious cocktails were made by Ginebra Bowtie. Have you tried it yet?

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A date for discovering, sharing and celebrating all the good things that are to come.