On board the adventure that is the day to day SILBON life, there are countless special moments and many days to remember. It’s the feeling of belonging to a group; a feeling that spreads through all the people who help this brand come to life.
A design, a new product, a photo session or an event for our followers. Each day is a small milestone in our shared history; one more small step, always moving forward.
This summer, at no.13 Calle José Cruz Conde, Cordova’s main shopping street, we opened the doors of the brand’s first flagship store. Of course, it had to be in Cordova; the city that has given us so much, where we feel so loved and supported; the perfect location for our flagship store.
Before anyone else, we wanted our neighbours and friends to discover the innovative ways in which technology can apply to the shopping experience. To offer them a space to enjoy fashion, our lifestyle, full of everything that us fashion crazies have in common.

The welcome we received cannot be explained in just a few words and, once again, we have to thank you.

To celebrate the inauguration, we held the store opening party on the 8th of November. It brought together people from the company, as well as prominent personalities of Cordovan society and culture and, of course, some of the brand’s most loyal customers. More than 400 people joined us for a tremendous night.

We tasted Diego López’s exquisite ham, savoured a delicious selection of cheeses and sucked Pizzeria Topolino creations off the tips our fingers. What a success! To wash it all down, a cold crisp glass of Estrella Galicia. The toasts were provided by our friends from Ginebra Bowtie, full of fun, yet elegant, flavour. Have you tried it yet? We love it!

Did you miss it? Join us in reliving the best moments of the night full of friends, fashion and newness.