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Whilst some people remember with melancholy the days of rest under the sun and the walks by the sea, others know how to enjoy all the good things of the cold months, making the most of the virtues of winter.
Reencounters, celebrations and memories to rekindle bring about the magic to create a unique moment and invite to go out and wander, in the rain or in the snow, in your brand new fashion.
Neutral tones bring warm to icy days and add a touch of discreet elegance to our look.
Today we´ve spent the afternoon in the city with the international model Marc Solá, an icon of style passionate about fashion accessories.
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To fight the cold, our guest opts for a gray raglan sleeve coat, from the SILBON autumn-winter collection. 100% wool garments are the must-have of this season as this coat, and the American prince of Wales jacket, which reinvents the classic 3-button pattern, suggest.
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The turtleneck is still very trendy this year. Sophisticated and flattering, it brings a European nod to the look of Solá.
Corduroy, like wool, is very present in this season’s catalogue. Here, it is presented in a sand color with these fabulous pants that are to become a basic in every man´s wardrobe.
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Light colours for winter?

A big yes! The trick is to choose a dark shade for the outermost garment and combine the rest of the garments with softer colours of the same range.
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The turtleneck is, once again, a safe bet for the ensemble, and this version of thick knit in camel is so combinable that you won´t take it off.
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This season, the pants sport double darts, as our grandparents did. With baggy and renewed patterns, we get extra comfort.
The last touch: a lovely wool coat. Choose the version that best suits your style: cross or classic. And don´t forget! Accessories are essential in winter: wide, resistant umbrellas, suitable for all occasions and London-inspired caps to complete your look.
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Gone are the black and boring Decembers. SILBON winter comes full of amazing soft colors to combine, like gray and earth tones, to achieve the perfect match.