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This week’s Street Style takes us to a fantastic city, San Sebastian, where we accompanied our Pablo; Pablo López. A restless guy, always taking on new business ventures, with a hectic schedule on his hands.

At the head of a company like Silbon,

Pablo has to attend a multitude of different types of meetings and appointments.

Interviews with the media and powerful leaders. Meetings with suppliers and industry professionals and, of course, visits to the brand’s multiple stores and trips to see our collaborators. Like Real Sociedad, the team which Silbon has sponsored for several seasons.

pablo sanse2
pablo sanse1

Ready to adapt to each and every situation, without losing any of the discreet yet urban personal style that he is known for.

For this trip, Pablo hit the mark in a stone-coloured tailored parka, chosen for its lightweight, elegant cut; a great ally against the cold, as well as being a garment full of style. He wore this over one of the brand’s classic navy blue suits.

pablo sanse4

A classic that Silbon updates each season, favoured by men of all ages.

pablo sanse5

Under the suit he wore a striped dress shirt and a pair of matte black tasselled loafers. What really stood out, though, was his blue silk vintage-inspired tie.

pablo sanse6

The perfectly balanced look of a true businessman.