The new SILBON fragrances

Like a pair of good shoes or the soft silk of a tie, a man’s fragrance gives his style that finishing touch, sets the course of his day and even seals his memory in the minds of those around him.

The scent of a man sticks in our memory and, by naming it, we can relive the sensations that it arouses in us.

The choice of fragrance is a combination of the needs and personality of the user. Fragrance elevates our natural scent, so it is therefore essential that our smell both defines us and brings out the best in us.

Sb de SILBON, the brand’s first eau de toilette, was created in 2014. Just like the brand itself, its aroma was young and fresh, with an urban touch. With notes of grapefruit, vetiver and wood, among others, Sb gives you the incredible sensation of getting out of a warm shower.

2 fragrances, 2 perfect additions to the world of the SILBON Man.

But, as is true of so many things, a man’s fragrance wears down over time. As our clothes racks have matured, other sources of inspiration have arrived, names and stories which shape the new SILBON Man.

Mature and committed, our man values the greatness of simple things and gives due consideration to his appearance and to the acceptance of others. He feels comfortable in his own skin and is happy with his choices. He accepts the challenge of continuously evolving, defines his own personal version of happiness and continues down the path to success, at his own pace, with his own rules. He has no pretension of being anything other than himself.

The duality of this modern man, who he is, and everything that he can be. The brand’s new fragrances are conceived of his triumphs and falls, his vulnerability and power: Just SILBON and Be SILBON.

The first, Just SILBON, in white packaging with simple lines, brings out the most natural side of a man, with notes of orange, gooseberry and pineapple. Fresh, exciting. Light up your day with a spritz of this fruity eau de toilette, full of energy, thanks to components like nutmeg, caramel and leather.

Meanwhile, Be SILBON, is masculine and sophisticated with a black label, perfect to accompany the SILBON Man on every special occasion. With herbal touches of violet, jasmine and vetiver, this SILBON fragrance fuses the sweetness of sandalwood with the spicy notes of saffron and vanilla.

Just SILBON and Be SILBON, day and night, man and dandy, brazen and refined. Two perfumes, two perfect pieces in the SILBON Man’s world. Now available in stores and at