“For an interior design job to be successful, it must represent the spirit of the person who inhabits it.”

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As soon as we cross the threshold of Tristán Domecq’s house, we are met with light and a special, cosy atmosphere. We are overcome with the feeling that everything is exactly where it is supposed to be, nothing more, nothing less. When Tristan arrives, he looks younger than his 36 years and we’re surprised by how perfectly he fits in this universe he created.

The Galician, who studied business management and administration, spent five years working in the fashion industry for the Inditex group, where he became a product manager. However, one day things suddenly became clear to Tristán and he decided, through great effort and resolve, to move to Madrid, causing a major shift in his way of life. He soon began, with his own hands, to tear down walls and take on projects in what was to become his home. The young man, who as a child used to run between the furniture and objects in his mother’s decoration store, innately began to release his inner interior designer, not realising that this, his own house, would be his first successful project. From this moment on, clients who were interested in his way of creating spaces began to call him.

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This interior designer is constantly evolving and attributes his success to continuous learning and to adapting his creative process to the personality of each client. No two people are the same and, therefore, no two spaces should be the same either.

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Considered the coolest interior designer of the moment, Tristán assures us that what some refer to as taste, he thinks of as harmony; a concept that, according to him, is intuited because it largely comes from inside rather than being learned.

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SUsing natural light, Tristán creates individual spaces that, though they are far from minimalistic, find their basis in the axiom “less is more” with the addition of a few personal touches. With an eclectic yet timeless and elegant style , he considers that the key to his work is ensuring that the home represents the person. In this way, he appreciates Alaska and Mario Vaquerizo’s home as, although it is not to his taste, it symbolises the unique personality of the fashionable couple. On the contrary, Domecq claims that the house belonging to His Majesty King Felipe VI and Her Majesty Queen Letizia Ortiz lacks style, and that it “seems more like an office than a home”.

This man from Vigo (with origins in Jerez), has created a universe which combines pieces from different eras and trends together in the same space.Tristán places the utmost importance on textures, colours and key elements, , preferring to use classic materials like marble and wood. He uses objects as brushstrokes to personalise the spaces he creates, just as one may paint a painting, or write a book. Likewise, the decoration of his house, on the main street of Madrid, shows the importance of plants for the young interior designer.

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At Silbon, this love of clean lines is emphasised in the pattern designing in general, but in particular in the design of our trousers and shirts. Additionally, this restless, cosmopolitan youngster appreciates the convenience of buying online through the web, as well as the internationalisation of the brand with the opening of stores like the Parisian branch.