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Are you thinking of adding a special suit to your wardrobe? Do you fancy going for something different? The windowpane check suit, known as the slang of the sartorial world, has been a stand-out trend in recent seasons.

americana traje clasico cuadros azul
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This is a suit that attracts more attention than others, so it is essential to choose when and how to wear it. To this end, we would pair it with discreet patterns or key accessories, avoiding being too garish.

We prefer windowpane check suits in classic colours, such as dark grey or navy blue, so that the check itself, in white or light grey, stands out more vividly against the dark background.

We’ve always been partial to understated innovations.

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Here we offer you three different ways to style the windowpane check suit, according to the occasion, so you come out on top at every event:

Firstly, we have the most common, most classic option, that never fails. Suitable for a day at the office, paired with a white shirt, basic or twill, or maybe a blue one, plain or twill. As for accessories, my advice is that you forget about those bright, eye-catching ties for this outfit. For this look, you need a dark, discreet tie. In the Silbon catalogue you can find suitable styles, like the black microdots shirt, or the navy blue one with white rackets..

Finish your look with a pair of black Oxford dress shoes. When I think of this look, I see someone who doesn’t aim to steal the limelight with his suit, but wishes to stand out instead for the level of class with which he carries himself.

Those who prefer more simple, serious outfits will feel comfortable with this formula, where the suit checks know how to do their job, without showing off.

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The second option is another guaranteed success. It’s another version of the first look, but without a tie. This is, without a doubt, the more relaxed option, but not without a good dose of class. It gives us more freedom with our footwear options. For example, we could go for a warm-toned leather or suede pair, like the Silbon burgundy lace-up shoes, or the suede version, in dark brown. A look designed for more informal occasions, where “less is more”.

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Finally, we dare to wear a cooler version of the suit, more modern and, most importantly, very comfortable. We opt for a navy blue windowpane check suit and base the rest of our outfit around this colour. For this look, we pair the blazer and trousers with a basic shirt, like the Silbon navy blue style, and trainers in the same shade. The result is a monochrome look, brimming with style. Ideal for a party!

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I hope, my friends, to have inspired your wardrobe. Let us know, what do you think of the windowpane check suit? How would you wear it? We look forward to seeing your ideas!

Hope to see you back here soon. Until next time!