OCTUBER 18TH, 2019
It’s a fact; SILBON has just recently turned ten years old in one of the most competitive spheres within the national economy, the field of fashion. With nothing more at hand but their illusion, effort and determination, a group of young entrepreneurs made their dream come true: creating fashion made in Spain and sell it in and out of our country.
2019 is a year we will not forget. SILBON’S first decade will join history as the year of consolidation, maturity and solidarity. A lot of solidarity.
Due to the social commitment that has being developing since the beginning, SILBON has made the decision to celebrate this anniversary together with an incomparable challenge for a company in this sector: to devote 10% of October’s net profits to the construction of a school and twenty-four houses for twenty-four women and their families in the south of India.
The project, named Thirumalapuram, by the small village that will host these new houses, is an initiative from SILBON, together with Vicente Ferrer’s Foundation which has fifty years of experience with social projects in the poorest areas of the country.
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The reception of the projects by the public and institutional media could have not been better and we are profoundly thankful for all the support. We have progressed at good pace towards our goal, thanks to everyone that has contributed with their grain of sand with each purchase made during the month of October in order to accomplish this challenge.
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On the 18th of October, SILBON’S X ANNIVERSARY’S CHARITY DINNER was celebrated in Córdoba with the purpose of multiplying awareness with of “Thirumalapuram.” Inspired in the crazy decade of the 1920’s, the party had place in a magical location: Manolete’s House Bistró Restaurant. There, almost 80 persons gathered with a clear intention: to celebrate the first ten years of SILBON’s life, together with this fantastic objective.
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The guests: political, cultural, corporate, and social life personalities from the city were able to enjoy the delight of live music and a delicious solidary menu, whose revenues will also contribute to funding the project. Celebrities such as Julio Benítez and the renowned violinist Paco Montalvo, together with good friends of the brand like as Manuel Ordovás where all there.
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Definitely, it was a night to remember. Let’s all cheer for these ten years and for all the good things that are yet to come, and big congratulations to SILBON’S family!